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Want to make your food products look more appetizing? Look no further than our premium custom-designed food box packaging with high quality graphics. We offer a wide range of designs and sizes to create eye-catching surprises for customers.

With modern printing methods and innovative finishes, we provide food boxes with a premium outlook. We can digitally print on many materials and substrates, like gloss or matte paper, in your desired finish.

Order your required food packaging boxes from us in a convenient way and have them delivered directly to your doorstep with no shipping cost.

Reliable Custom Food Boxes

We provide reliable and airtight food packaging products to ensure your food stays fresh and germ-free. The Packaging Tree cares about what is best for you.

We are a fantastic company that provides Corrugated Boxes that can be customized, and we have experience working with all different kinds of food and drinks.

Attention has to be given to the printer setup in order to ensure quality printing; leaked-proof paper is used and makes details clear.

If you're wondering which bakery boxes would make a good impression, there are many different options available. These include glossy, matte, and spot UV finishes to create fancy brownies packaging.

Food boxes also contain information about the ingredients and manufacturing date.

Other than this, if you want a luxurious look on the boxes, you can use gold and silver foiling paper which will make the customers fall in love with the boxes. If you want more decorated boxes, you can use embossing and debossing to give a 3D feel.

Some custom food packaging  can increase the marketing of your brands by using custom cone sleeves, for example. Creating a product that looks really creative and attractive is easy with your brand’s name used on the sleeve.

Food boxes made from cardboard material with gloss veneers and leak-proof papers. The top-quality paper used to make the boxes protects food from rotting and soaks up spills, as well as providing a sturdy grip.

A sufficiently packaged Chinese takeout is mission-critical for many consumers. Customers believe that food kept inside the box tastes fresher and more flavorful, which might contribute to the reason for their preference.

Custom boxes are usually made of high-quality material and have an open lid called Chinese food boxes, which can help keep the food fresh during delivery.

With a variety of styles and materials, you can make the perfect chocolate box. The type of chocolate box you choose should reflect the quality of your brand, whether you're selecting for your customers or as a gift.

Another amazing design we create is customized boxes. The boxes are in any shape and size and come with a ribbon packed on top, to showcase friendship and love.

We have introduced a new customisation for food boxes so that you can alter the manufacturing design paper as well as the final coating with the option of gold foiling design which will result in the creativity of the foods to put in.

If you feel lost designing your dream chocolate boxes, we provide a service without charges to help you create your own customized candy boxes.

By providing end to end service, we are ready to prepare unique and customized food boxes for your favorite beverage in just a few hours.

Food Packaging Boxes Wholesale By Packaging Tree

There are multiple ways to enjoy the best custom packaging solutions in the marketplace. With a large selection of packages, you can create unique package packing solutions and order pre-made ones for various occasions with premium quality.

In order to create our new packaging, we have carefully designed a case that won’t wilt, chip, or crack.

What else has the food industry given us?

Models For Custom Food Boxes

Before your order for food boxes wholesale, we provide you with samples of what our food boxes would look like. For instance, we give you some examples of our custom food packaging styles.

  • Flat View
  • 3D Mockup
  • Physical sampling

Our usual sample style is a flat view. We will send you your most favorite food boxes in a flat view. Most customers are satisfied with our level of design, as it’s often simpler than other styles such as 360°.

The Packaging Tree upgrades your standard 2D mockup, with a 3D view. Our 3D model allows you to see your community print from every angle, so that you can produce an accurate high-quality product.

The customized samples of food packaging wholesale satisfy our customers and save them the hassle of returning the product. Because of this, customers can test the quality of their sample food box in stores before purchasing.

A quality product is a must for us. And once we've fixed any issues, we go on to manufacture them in cardboard form to meet your needs.

Why Choose Custom Us For Custom Printed Food Packaging?

The Packaging Tree is the leading custom printed food boxes manufacturer and supplier in the U.S. With a certified printing procedure, we ensure top quality food boxes for any industry.

We take pride in providing the best quality of custom food packaging with speedy delivery. The team is efficient to be responsive to the queries from customers, and work in accordance with the company's brand needs.

Our quality assurance team is willing to work hard for you to ensure perfect packaging. We hope that your experience with us will be positive.

Food packaging is important for sales, so our custom food packaging experts provide attractive, creative boxes for your food. The design of the box influences the customers to buy it. You can improve the packaging and you'll improve yourself.

What is Our Objective?

We want to provide you with an enticing box design. This can increase your sales rate, because the customer will stay there to consume any goods they have made. They have many options that relate to your personality and demands. We specialize in transforming imaginations into edible products.

Fascinating Food Packing Boxes

The Packaging Tree  has a well-experienced staff, having experience in the field of providing quality food boxes and at cheap wholesale rates. Our products are designed in such a way that they instantly attract people’s attention.

Many discounts are available to our clients through all of our services, such as discounts on food boxes.

You can reach us anytime because we love our clients and want everything to work as smoothly as possible for them. Or you can contact us via email or can call us anytime when you need our services.

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