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The Packaging Tree is a leading packaging company in the business. We understand the necessity to create packaging for each unique product. As a result, the bespoke rigid boxes we create are long-lasting and reasonably priced. 

We make sure that our consumers obtain the most informative services from us. Furthermore, we guarantee that our rates and quality are far superior to our competitors. Our sole goal is to satisfy you completely to become one of our valued clients.

Numerous Customization Options for Your Rigid Boxes

In addition to selecting a material, we measure the needed adjustments. We have expert designers who can inform you of the benefits and drawbacks of each option. Graphic designers are experts at recognizing the specific needs of a box. 

You may both offer your opinions and examine theirs. To begin, the finishes we provide are gloss and matte. The gloss and matte coatings are opposed. We do this because we must consider the needs of all of our consumers.

The gloss coating gives the box a gleaming and glossy finish. It makes rigid gift boxes gleam in the sunlight and regularly appeal to an increasing number of buyers. On the contrary, we employ a slightly different matte finish. 

The boxes do not reflect sunlight. However, in terms of coverage, the layer is modest and dim. On the other hand, the sleekness appeals to clients for boxes such as watches, rings, and a variety of other jewelry products. 

Second, printing technologies such as digital and offset printing are also options at The Packaging Tree. Digital printing creates rigid personalized boxes in a cost-effective yet elegant manner.

Inkjets and laser printers are digital printing to print ink on the boxes. The Magnetic closure rigid boxes are of high quality and require an adequate method for the task. As a result, we employ offset printing.

It uses high-quality rollers to spread the ink throughout the whole box’s surface properly. The rubber blanket serves an essential function in keeping the boxes flat surfaces.

Use of Long-Lasting and Resilient Materials in Custom Rigid Boxes

First and foremost, we evaluate everything before building a box and comprehend every aspect of box construction. This is why we've been competing in the market for a longer time. Materials are one of the most important aspects to consider. 

The use of solid and sturdy materials will alter your opinion of the worth of a material used in the construction of bespoke rigid boxes. As a result, stiff is one of our organization’s most commonly utilized materials. A luxury material is also known as a stiff substance. Wholesale Custom Rigid boxes are four times thicker than standard boxes.

Usage of Custom Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes are commonly used to store shoes, watches, board games, and other objects. For example, if you've ever purchased a shoe, you've probably noticed how thick the shoebox is. That's a rigid box. Furthermore, when you buy different board games, they are composed of solid material. 

It is so because it is long-lasting enough to defend against all forms of impairments and injuries. We continue to supply rigid wholesale boxes and packing to you because it is in your best interests. Indeed, our first objective is to meet your expectations and provide you with both pleasant and exact options. You are always welcome to inform us of your wants and demands.

Why Do Businesses Prefer Rigid Boxes For Luxury Goods?

One of the primary reasons for using rigid setup boxes is that they appear more upscale and costly. Nothing beats this box when it comes to giving your items a regal appearance.

What exactly is a collapsible box?

This is one of the most solid and long-lasting types of boxes available on the market.

How strict are rigid boxes? 

A rigid box is complicated. It has a thickness range of up to 32pt. You may purchase these boxes for your company's items to increase sales. Place your order for a collapsible box for your business right away.


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