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Individual packaging of environmentally friendly boxes The Packaging Tree is the leading manufacturer of various boxes. However, The Packaging Tree has been in the printing business for years, and we are well equipped to make environmentally friendly cardboard boxes.

We have become customers' first choice. All industries use our uniquely designed boxes to register and protect their end products. 

Why are our Eco-Friendly Boxes more popular than others? 

Here are some reasons: 

  • State-of-the-art production

Our environmentally friendly product boxes are available in cardboard and kraft. However, our company has advanced box-making technology, especially in Kraft. Our eco-friendly custom boxes are essential in small, medium, and large industries. 

We have everything you need; you can use them to supply any type of retail packaging. Therefore, we are the one brand that puts quality first. 

  • Never Ending Customization Options

Hundreds of retailers demand a distinctive cardboard imprint. Therefore, specially designed printed boxes give the product individuality. We use a similar procedure from production to finished boxes. 

Our motto is simple dont do compromise on quality; that’s why our customers are always happy and satisfied. We employ only the best quality raw materials to create our Sustainable and green boxes, sturdy, durable, and strong. Furthermore, these boxes are not damaged, reusable, and biodegradable.

Cost-Effective Custom Eco-Friendly Boxes

The prices of our eco friendly kraft boxes are meager as compared to the industry. From an economic point of view, these boxes are exceptionally cheap, and besides, we offer excellent packaging material. 

You can also use these boxes of the same color and shape. You also get free shipping when you buy our boxes.No additional shipping and designing costs will be charged. 

Various shapes, designs, and sizes For Eco-Friendly Boxes

The Packaging Tree offers environmentally friendly boxes to protect the product and attract customers with an attractive structure and design. Our eco-friendly boxes come in various options from sizes, designs to shapes. 

Moreover, You can choose unique never seen before boxes. We will resize and make other changes according to your requirements. However, to make your eco-friendly food packaging even more fascinating, we offer the following box designs:

Customers can choose any design from the methods shown below. 

We supply a full line of folded ends, including reverse, folded ends, self-locking folded ends, straight folded ends, bottom folded ends and sealed folded ends. Apart from that, you can also have different designs to make your cardboard boxes more eco-friendly charming. 

We also supply pillows, gables, two-pieces, pillowcases, and cylindrical boxes. Eye-catching and stylish packaging always attracts customers. We do our best to give 100%. 

You can choose one of the designs mentioned above to show your environmentally friendly packaging an aesthetic look. 

Your product packaging boxes can connect you with your most vital and precious consumers. You can choose any printing method that suits you. 

Digital printing uses toner instead of ink. It works just like home or desktop printers. The files are in digital PDF format; however, it is best for short-term printing. 

Offset printing is usually preferred for mass printing. Offset printing uses ink with a printing plate. However, an appropriate configuration is required for this; therefore, it is suitable for bulk orders. Otherwise, it's expensive. 

Make Your Boxes Luxurious with Extras Inserts

You can make your eco-friendly cosmetic boxes and eco-friendly retail boxes even more luxurious by adding extra inserts. We offer glossy, matte, and spot UV coatings to give your boxes a finished look. 

The glossy coating gives your packaging an appearance. It's a bit expensive compared to other layers. You can only see the product but not touch it; this is mainly done on the logo, image, or printed text to make it more visible. The most common are gold and silver foils. 

Stay in Touch with Customers. 

Our company representatives listen and answer all customer questions. They are well trained and give the best solution to all problems. In addition, we are always here to provide you with the best facilities. 

As we discussed above, our goal is customer satisfaction, and for that reason, we don't make compromises on the quality of custom boxes.

We offer free shipping throughout the United States. Call us and have your answers about boxes.

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