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Have a look at our most popular custom printed boxes to get the perfect box design for your merchandise. The Packaging Tree has a reputation for producing high-quality custom packaging boxes.


Before ordering custom packaging boxes for your goods, make sure to follow these essential steps.


Choose style and stock

Choose a stock for your custom printed boxes based on their quality, appearance, and ability to protect your items.


Choose your size

Choose the proper measurements for your Custom packaging boxes (length, width, and depth) to ensure that your product suits perfectly!


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Welcome to "The Packaging Tree: The United States' Most Extensive Custom Packaging Services:

The Packaging Tree® is a specialty packaging company headquartered in the United States that offers high-quality packing cardboard boxes with sprinkling printing processes that make the goods stand out in the marketplace.

Our production methods and styles will reveal themselves to the naked eye. We've come to present and defend our goods and services, which we've been delivering for a long time.

If you're searching for a package that can suit your product's needs, but the packaging box has never been seen before in the packaging industry's past, you've come to the correct location. As a result, The Packaging Tree will help you produce your box style with all measurements and your selective printing method for the product requirements.

However, we have the highest strike rate in the industry. Our strategies are focused on the fact that customer loyalty is our highest priority.

To ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty, we don't charge our customers anything for any custom design customizations they make themselves.

We don't even charge our customers for any custom design customizations they make themselves to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

We're looking for your unique packaging ideas! The following things are up for grabs:

Our digital marketing at The Packaging Tree is lenient and supportive, offering a friendly atmosphere for new customers and the option to choose us for your business's grooming.

We don't only tell you that we can do it very well with technical skills and a lot of hard work. Several businesses make promises and then disappear. But not The Packaging Tree; that is not how we arrived at this stage.

Take, for example, CBDMD, one of our most devoted customers. We've been working with CBD Goods for three years and have always got positive reviews. On the other hand, we use technology to give you the authority to dribble out the gold with massive printing services.

Customers' Reactions to Our Products:

The Packaging Tree and its workers place a high emphasis on promoting your brand. The "Impulse Purchase" will be influenced by the design and style we provide. Our crafting techniques will boost your productivity and increase your profits in the workplace. Via packaging services, we have a good understanding of how the industry works. There are millions of different packaging models that give you a return on your investment and similar terms;

R.O.I. (Return Over Investment) ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) (Original Design Manufacturer) Impulsive Purchase by OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

Return on Investment:

The greatness and reputation of our goods can enter all four corners of the industry. Since we are the packaging manufacturers in the United States, you can get incredible designs and attractive personalized packaging at low prices using various manufacturing and printing styles if you buy your product's packaging from us at wholesale.

The Packaging Tree is the original design manufacturers (ODMs) in the packaging industry. We are a packaging design company that creates packaging for various items such as candles, toys, pillows, cosmetics, and more.

We've developed states of packaging types that will turn goods into womb-like resting places and meet you with a light hand and incredible grip.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM):

We manufacture all of our eco-friendly packaging machinery. We don't have to deal with the make for the process; we have to deal with the production. That is not the case, sir. We are original equipment manufacturers, which means we can create any packaging design yet to be introduced to the market.

Impulsive Purchase:

Our design and printing types would entice consumers to buy the product simply by looking at the packaging. The problem is that certain packaging types entrap consumers in their rigid packaging. If a consumer does not want to buy a product for its own sake, they will buy it anyway, which will lead to an Impulsive Purchase.

So, all you have to do is go to our product description pages and place an order for items with exclusive and appealing packaging designs.

Looking for Fantastic Packaging Styles at Wholesale Prices:

We're going to put in some work for your niche. As a result, it is very mature and normal to face purchasing your product packaging at wholesale prices would save you money over buying it at retail prices.

You can get various discounts by using offset printing technology that uses cylindrical processes and a combination of four color schemes.

We will put your product's potential to the test. In terms of our goods, we want yours to compete with ours. Since there is no way to use our packaging, the goods will be destroyed or thrown away.

Printing Methods that Can Help The Product Make It to the Top of the Shelf:

Striking a rainbow with your goods will improve the company's efficiency to the highest level possible. As a result, a fusion of paints and color schemes must be developed.

The Packaging Tree introduced color schemes in two different styles:

CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) is a four-color printing system. PMS (Project Management System)

These two color schemes will work in tandem to fulfill your requirements. As a result, both techniques work in tandem to turn the goods into enthralling new employees.

Custom packing boxes are becoming increasingly important in our daily lives and everyday items. These custom printed boxes are widely available, and they can be tailored to the functionality and uniqueness of the customer's product.

Along with the product's distinctive design, these boxes can be printed with various design and decorating choices and artistic ideas to distinguish these cardboard packaging boxes from one another and generate consumer appeal.

These boxes are made from recyclable materials such as corrugated and cardboard tubes, converted into corrugated boxes and big cardboard boxes. They appear to be easy to manufacture at first glance, but there is a lot of in-depth study of the process’s steps that result in a fit for use.

Assembling, custom printing, die-cutting, lamination, and pasting are steps that must be done to perfection for the package to appear normal. The Packaging Tree manufactures these printed color schemes with the clients' preferred design and style worldwide to meet various requirements.

Within ten working days, you will receive your package:

Get state-of-the-art packing candle boxes with coloring techniques selected by you, striving for the best fabrics to ensure your items will be happy before they arrive at your doorsteps.

You can give us an idea of your creative printing processes with your favorite colors and designs, and we can get it for you in just ten working days, simply as we explained about our printing services earlier.

However, we've changed our packaging approach (covid-19) due to the pandemic. With this in mind, we've created sanitized lip gloss boxes and packaging models, complete with proper security and advanced functionalities to keep your products safe in their packaging. Since we are the top-notch packaging boxes manufacturers in the United States and have been providing these services for over four years.

The most common is to make these retail boxes "Fit for the goods," "Influencing a clear brand image," storage, shipping, and displaying objects of all types that may be decorative, electronic, or retail items.

The specialty of our products is that we deliver a competitive price range. We produce environmentally friendly boxes with great care and attention to meet customers’ needs quickly. You can also find us by searching for printing services near me, assisting you.

The Packaging Tree manufactures these mailer boxes from 100 percent recyclable materials, ensuring an environmentally friendly climate. For almost all of our goods, we provide free design and delivery.

Coating Styles and Decorative Features:

We will decorate your goods for marketing at The Packaging Tree’s designing section. We also deal with custom sticker printing and window cutting on the boxes, significantly affecting your custom boxes’ following features with a logo.

We feature several addons, each of which includes significant new features and vice versa.

The Packaging Tree is available for more than just custom boxes!

We have a variety of products to meet your needs, and you can find us by searching for printing services near me, which includes:

Stickers for Customized Boxes (Decals, Clings, etc.) Packaging for CBD Covers for CDs Handles for doors Magazines Show Packaging Business Cards Boxes for gifts Retail Boxes Flyers

We have everything mentioned above, plus several new categories, with high-quality rolled-in hot stamping, leather printing, matte, and gloss coatings, all delivered to you in our shipping boxes.


There are a number of reasons you should choose The Packaging Tree for your Custom Packaging Boxes.


We are good at linear art, especially in creating custom printed boxes. The Packaging Tree allows its clients to develop custom packaging boxes for shipping by only giving dimensions of their required custom printed boxes. We offer services for Custom design for all needs of your custom-designed boxes with eco-friendly and recyclable stock.


We are not only offering free design services but we are also offering free shipping to your doorstep. You just have to provide required size & style and we will deliver your custom printed boxes to you on your doorstep on commitied time. You can select from standard shipping or express shipping depending on your deadline.


The best part of packaging is to get easy to assemble boxes which helps you to save your time for using other business tools. We will deliver you Pre-glued and pasted custom Boxes. Our custom pre-glued boxes will come to you with custom videos showing you how to assemble your custom packaging boxes with in no time.


The Packaging Tree is confident about its quality, and we want you to get a clear picture of how your custom packaging box will look and feel before the whole package is delivered. When you are ready and are placing the order, select an option of 1 box to receive a sample box for proofing.

We Believe in Hi-Quality Packaging Deliverance

We are offering premium quality services for your personalized Custom Box Packaging. Besides, we provide Offset and Digital Printing.



From vast variety of Stocks and Styles, you can select the one that fits your custom box requirements.


Cardboard Custom Boxes are best for retail and display purposes for your products, with thicknesses ranging from 12 to 36 points (PT) and a range of white, black, and texture options.


Eco-Friendly and Recyclable Brown Krati Paper Stock Custom packaging with high elasticity and tear resistance is designed to pack items with high strength and durability requirements


We offer Single Wall and Double Wall Corrugated Boxes based on the size and weight of your personalized shipping boxes, so you don't have to worry about damaging your product during shipping.


Premium Quality Stock's paperboard is securely bonded together with paper skins. These are pre-assembled, custom-printed boxes that have been shipped to you, ideal to use.

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