10 Eye-Catching Eyelash Packaging Ideas to Boost Your Business

Eyelash extensions have been all the rage lately, but what about the packaging? If you think it's an afterthought, you're wrong. Eyelash packaging plays a vital role in selling your product and making it stand out on the shelf because first impressions are everything in the beauty industry.

Eyelash extensions have become increasingly popular over the years, with many women enjoying wearing beautiful, long lashes without having to worry about applying mascara every day. Unfortunately, with such an increase in popularity comes an increase in competition, making it more challenging to stand out from your competitors and earn new clients. These ten eyelash packaging ideas for packaging eyelashes will help you stand out from the crowd and boost your sales.

Why Choose Elegant Eyelash Packaging Ideas?

Eyelash packaging plays a vital role in the success of any business. Your potential buyers won't be able to see your products until they get to the store, but they'll still be able to examine your packaging and make some assumptions about the quality of your product. To ensure that your packaging inspires confidence and boosts sales, here are some workable eyelash packaging ideas you can try out today!

Consider Using Unique Materials

Eyelashes are beauty product that usually gets thrown away after a single use. Unfortunately, they're also not typically reusable, and if you want your lashes back after they've been used, you'll need to repurchase them. 

That is where creative, unique eyelash packaging comes in! Some packages are more attractive than others and can be used to market your lashes. You can also create custom products that meet specific needs: 

You may have particular lash types, like semi-permanent or mink, which require different treatments. To match these distinctions, you should offer different boxes or bags with specific descriptions or instructions included on how to best take care of them. Make your box double-sided, so it's both an informative tool and an aesthetically pleasing display area.

Think Outside the Box Designs and Layouts 

Packaging is a crucial part of marketing. It makes your product stand out from the competition and should be made with that in mind. For instance, you can try some luxury eyelash packaging ideas. So if you're trying to design packaging for eyelashes, here are some ideas that can help boost your business: 

  • Keep your box design and layout minimalistic and straightforward.
  • Please refrain from using color on the box or the packaging itself.
  • Use a photo of a model wearing your lashes or an eye with extended lashes.
  • Use natural materials, such as cork, bamboo, or paper.
  • Try using designs with gold accents instead of metallic ones (gold won't scratch off).
  • Create your fonts and symbols for the brand name and logo.

Get Creative with Colors and Shades

Eyelashes are a commodity, so you must find ways to make yours stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Colors are more than crucial in this regard. Use a color scheme that is representative of your brand's personality. 

For example, if your brand is whimsical, use a pink and purple color scheme; if it's sophisticated, try black and gold; if it's playful, try bright colors like green or red. 

Consider adding personalization to the packaging--use your client's name on the box or label or use stickers with their name/logo on them.

Use Foil Stamping as an Economical Addon

Foil stamping is a cost-effective, modern way of designing packaging. This technique involves applying a layer of ink or foil onto a metallic surface and then running it through an embossing machine. 

After the process, the foil is adhered to the surface and cannot be easily rubbed off. Foil stamping is used in commercial packaging for several products, including cosmetics, beauty products, and food.

In the same way, try a tie-dye wrap - If you want to stand out from your competitors, try tying-dye wrapping your package with beautiful colors such as yellow, purple, or blue. It not only looks great but can also help customers remember your brand.

Create a Die-cut Eyelash Box Design

Eyelash box design in your cosmetic packaging is an integral part of your marketing strategy. A well-designed and eye-catching package can be the difference between a consumer making a purchase. With so many different options for design and materials, there are plenty of options for choosing the perfect packaging for your lashes. Here are some eye-catching designs that will help boost your Eyelash packaging business. 

  • Use negative space by drawing attention to your product with a focus on colors, shapes, and textures.
  • Use custom textured paper like lace, animal print, suede, or faux fur.
  • Invest in holographic foil labels, which change colors as they catch the light (and come in gold).
  • Consider using bamboo paper with natural properties such as anti-fungal properties, and looks beautiful if you're looking for something sustainable.
  • Go bold with colorful dots by using stickers in bright neon colors and shapes on black backgrounds. Dots are eye-catching without being too flashy!
  • Using die-cut circles for eyelashes instead of boxes allows for more exposure and interest at first glance!

Add Some Sparkle to the Eyelash Boxes

If you need help developing a design for your eyelash box packaging, these creative ideas will hopefully serve as inspiration. 

  • A simple yet elegant way to package your lashes is by folding a piece of paper in half and tying it off with a ribbon before placing the lashes on top.
  • This idea might be perfect if you're an eyeliner junkie like me! All you have to do is buy a pencil box from your local craft store, cut the top of one end open with scissors so that it opens into two flaps, place some eyelashes inside each flap and close them back up.
  • Add some adhesive tape around the edges to ensure they don't fall out, and voila! You now have chic little boxes made specifically for holding those little things called eyelashes.

Use Interesting Eye Lash Box Shapes

One of the best ways to make your eyelash product eye-catching and attention-grabbing is by using innovative shapes. One great way to do this is with a triangular-shaped box. That is not only an original shape but also something that grabs customer attention because it's not something they see every day.

It creates excitement, intrigue, and intrigue in the customer, which is precisely what you want to attract them. Another way to use a shape that grabs attention would be a round packaging with a hole cut out of the top so you can see the lashes inside. 

That is especially good for online sales because it's easy for customers on their computers or smartphones to see what they purchase before making their purchase decision!

Include a Pop of Color

The first thing that grabs your customer's attention is the packaging. It will draw them in and let them know if the product is worth their time. Finding a good packaging design can be difficult, but it's a necessary evil because you may only get very far with it. 

If you're looking for some ideas on how to jazz up the color of your lash packaging, here are some fantastic ideas that might help:

The biggest thing you want to do with your lash packaging design adds a pop of color. 

The best way to do this is by adding bright accents around the package itself or even adding textured art over an all-black background.

Use color schemes that follow your company profile theme.

Use a loud color scheme that would attract your female target audience.

Don't Forget These Essential Details

  • What are you trying to sell, and who is your target audience?
  • What does your packaging say about your eyelash product?
  • How does your packaging look when it's together with the rest of your product line?
  • Does your package have an attention-getting design but not so much that it distracts from what you're trying to sell?
  • How will customers be able to use the package after they've purchased it?
  • Where can you find eye-catching designs for packages on a tight budget?
  • Will the customer be able to access the contents quickly, or will there be a lot of extra work involved for them at home?

Use Sustainable Packaging for Eyelashes

Sustainable packaging for lashes is a new trend taking the beauty industry by storm. Using sustainable, eco-friendly materials are becoming increasingly popular as people begin to care about the environment and sustainability. 

A few companies have taken note of this trend and found ways to combine it with their business practices. You can find numerous examples of that packaging in your comparative market. See what your competitors and successors are doing to impress their target audience. It will also help you boost your design and layout for eyelash box packaging.


Packaging is an integral part of Eyelash product marketing. It can make or break a sale and is one of the first things a customer sees. So how do you come up with creative packaging ideas that work? Here are ten creative eyelash packaging ideas for your eyelashes.

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